Liberio Reaches Public Beta, Lets you Publish your eBooks Directly from Google Drive

Everyone has their favourite method of reading, whether its by using tablets or Kindle e-readers, or even the very old-fashioned method of just grabbing a paperback. Being an avid reader, it's quite easy to take the variety of available content for granted with no thoughts necessary about how the book itself came into being, because there are literally millions of books to choose from. If you were a writer though, how would you go about getting your labour of love into the hands of your target audience with a minimum of effort? Liberio believes they've come up with the perfect solution that allows you to publish your creations from Google Drive with just two clicks.

What is Liberio? Well, it's a software platform founded by Nicolas Zimmer and Cat Noone, and is based out of Berlin. They have just reached Public Beta status, and it aims to provide a straight-forward method to not only create an eBook, but also to publish it with the minimum of fuss. The software is free to use, with a simple login process, you can also use your Google account to sign in. Once you have done so, you are greeted by your Bookshelf that will display your creations once you've imported them. From then on its a relatively simple process to edit your work or create new projects. You can change the appearance of the eBook, everything from how the page breaks to the licencing page and synopsis. Liberio will build your eBook as well as creating a mini-website that displays the eBook in all its glory, showing the synopsis, author details, sharing options and a download button. So two clicks to publish an eBook, if you discount the inevitable editing process. Liberio stores the eBooks in your Google Drive account,  although you can choose to use DropBox or GitHub if that's your preference. As you can see from the gallery below, the software is clean and uncomplicated.

Liberio isn't the only eBook publishing software available, there are established competitors such as Smashwords, LuLu and LeanPub offering similar services. But Liberio are attempting to offer an innovative One-Stop-Shop; some of Liberio's upcoming features include a Style Editor that will allow you to design the cover and layout of your book, as well as embed links, media and images in your work. Vine and Soundcloud integration are promised,as well as In-App ISBN purchasing that enables the author to purchase an International-Standard-Book-Number and attach it to your eBook, enabling the author to sell their eBook on their platform of choice. You can sign up to join Liberio's Public Beta by clicking here.

If you are a writer, what's your preferred platform for publishing your work? Let us know in the comments or at our Google Plus page.


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