LG Launches 'Puppy Pop'; the First Game for LG's QuickCircle Case


The LG G3 is undeniably an excellent device. The efforts that LG took with it are evident in the fact that LG had managed to rectify almost all perceived issues with the G3s older sibling the LG G2, which includes a removable battery, a MicroSD slot, metallic frame and a new, mature interface. However, that is not where LG had stopped, instead even before the launch of the LG G3, we were acquainted with its QuickCircle case. For all intents and purposes, the QuickCircle case is an upgrade of last years' QuickWindow case for the LG G2, and is a folder-style case where the cutout window has become – wait for it – a circle! In terms of protection, the QuickCircle case protects the phone as a folder-type case is meant to do. The cutout circle gives access to various phone functions like accessing notifications, checking time and date, making calls, sending text messages, accessing and listening to music and even taking quick snapshots and videos.

However there is more that can be done with the QuickCircle case – like playing games inside the circle. LG has recently released the first QuickCircle game titled Puppy Pop on Google Play. Puppy Pop is a match-three puzzle game which shows you some cartoon puppy faces in the circle and you need to match three or more to get a score. The scores can then be shared on most social network platforms. LG has used Puppy Pop as a demonstration of what the QuickCircle case is capable of, and has also made the QuickCircle SDK available for developers to have a go at creating content for the QuickCircle case. Presently there is no information whether LG would be releasing any more games or content for the QuickCircle case, however we would expect some developers to begin showcasing some of their work for the LG G3 through this medium.


If you own the LG G3 and a QuickCircle case, give Puppy Pop a try and do let us know your views in the comments below. We always love to hear from you.

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