LG G3's Smart Keyboard Gains New Features Thanks to Incoming Update


LG have been grabbing the headlines for a while now, with the release of their flagship G3 handset, and even more recently, the launch of the G Watch, LG's interpretation of Android Wear. And this morning we covered the G3 becoming available to pre-order from Verizon. This brings us neatly to news that LG are rolling out a 'significant update' to its universally praised Smart Keyboard that is featured on the G3. Dr. Jong-seok Park, the President and CEO of LG's Mobile Communications Company says that "From the very beginning of G3's development, we tried to learn as much as we could about the way consumers interact with their smart phones. This Smart Keyboard update is a clear example of LG's continuing effort to provide a better and improved user experience."

The LG Smart Keyboard has received plaudits for its adaptive design, and for analysing the typing habits of its user in order to enable faster typing with fewer typos. And along with users being able to orient the keyboard to suit whether they are left- or right-handed, the following features will be added via the update and can be seen in action in the video below.

Emoji Suggestion.


As you've probably assumed, this is where the keyboard suggests the most relevant Emoji to take the place of the word you've typed in. So typing in 'Cake' will result in the cake symbol being shown as an option to replace the word.

Application-based Text Tone Suggestion.

If you frequently use begin an email with 'Hello', then the keyboard will recommend opening with 'Hello' every time an email is composed. This is where the Smart Keyboard shows its intuition, because a different word will appear, according to which application is used. So if you usually begin your text with 'Hey there', then 'Hey there' will only be recommended when next composing a text.


Next Word Suggestion.

This is relatively straight forward, the keyboard adjusts itself to the users style over time, resulting in word or symbol suggestions where appropriate to aid faster typing. So if you are in the process of writing 'Happy Birthday' x 5 to someone, the keyboard will suggest the next word, saving you from typing out Happy Birthday five times.

Bilingual Word Suggestion


This is a feature I have often wished for. Being bilingual in English and Afrikaans, when messaging friends and family I often use South African terms which my keyboard rejects because the word isn't in the chosen keyboard language. So instead of sending 'We are having a Braai* on Saturday' and having to type in 'Braai' manually, LG's Smart Keyboard should recognise that I am using an Afrikaans word and adjust itself accordingly.

Real-time Path Input 

This looks like its similar to the Swype of old, in letting the user trace their finger around the keyboard, and then displaying the recommended words in 'real-time' as the word is being traced.


All-in-all, many of the features seem well thought out, and generally appear to be quite useful. The update should begin rolling out to G3 handsets later this month via the LG update center which can be accessed on the phone itself. Let us know your thoughts below or at our Google Plus page.

*Braai means BBQ





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