The LG G3 Looks Slightly Different On Each Of The Four Major U.S. Wireless Carriers

Not that we haven't seen enough of the LG G3 on all carriers already but just in case you were feeling a little wanting for some images, here's one that has the G3 from all four carriers in it, from both the front and the back. Starting from left to right, we have the Verizon Wireless model of the G3, then the one from AT&T, Sprint, and finally T-Mobile. The T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T models all look to have the same color, and while the AT&T model has their branded globe logo on the back, the T-Mobile version has their brand name on the bottom of the back, while the Sprint model seems to be completely unbranded.

The Verizon Wireless model of course has the typical "4GLTE" stamp that we're used to seeing on everything they put out these days, and it even comes in a black color, different and a little bit darker compared to the three from the other carriers which are kind of like a gunmetal. You can also notice that the AT&T branded one has the G3 stamp on the back of theirs while the other three models from Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile all have the LG logo instead. When it comes right down to it, they're all essentially the same phone, but all have subtle aesthetic differences, like Verizon's black color with silver trim and accents on the camera for example. Oh, and that glaring Verizon branding up in the top right corner of the screen bezel. Tisk tisk.. Verizon, when will you stop this madness?

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