Latest Galaxy F Image Further Hints at Metal Construction

July 4, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

Considering that the Galaxy S5 Prime has hit the market as the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, well in South Korea at least, it’s no surprise that we keep on hearing about the Galaxy F. The much-rumored metallic Galaxy device has been spotted a number of times throughout the last few months and we keep on seeing photos of it pop up here and there. After what could very well have been a press render surfaced thanks to @evleaks, it’s beginning to look like Samsung is inching ever closer to being ready to launch the Galaxy F into the global market.

GSMArena have been passed a new image of what could be the Galaxy F and while it doesn’t offer us too much of a closer look at the device, it does give us a close-up look at the corner of the device. Which includes the sort of gleam we would associate with a device made out of a metal construction, or at least one with a metal frame anyway. The one thing that we’ve been hearing about the Galaxy F over and over is that the device will feature a premium build when compared to previous Galaxy S devices. While nobody can deny Samsung’s devices often last well and their displays are definitely tough cookies, the build of the likes of the Galaxy S5 often leaves a lot to be desired. It’s said that the Galaxy F is to offer those willing to spend extra on build quality another choice.

Whether or not the Galaxy F is in fact a device that will be making its way to market remains to be seen, but another high-end device from Samsung wouldn’t be such a bad idea, especially as the G3 is out there and the Galaxy Note line still puts off some consumers due to its physical size. Those hoping for a better-built Galaxy S with a higher-resolution display might have something to look forward to later on the year, but for right now all we have are more images like the one below to go on.