Kyocera Set To Bring Truly Affordable Pure Sapphire Glass Displays To Market Soon

In the ever continuing search and effort to make screens on smartphones tougher and tougher, the next step seems to manufacturing displays out of sapphire glass. Of course the rumors of the next iPhone model carrying a sapphire glass display are probably buzzing around like those annoying flies that just won't leave you alone, however Apple is apparently not the only one gearing up to manufacture sapphire glass displays. Kyocera just sent out a press release about a new sapphire glass display that they'll be working with in some way although they were very vague in their video with details.

Their short but sweet video mentions that they have over 41 years of experience in synthesizing sapphire and that they are the only manufacturer who has been working with it for that period of time. Apparently we can find their work with synthesized sapphire in everything from electronic components to LED lighting, and even high end wrist watches. It would be interesting to find out that they provided the sapphire glass for the watch face of the Moto 360 now wouldn't it? Kyocera is calling this new type of glass display, "sapphire shield", which isn't surprising considering they're wanting to play to the toughness that it will be able to provide.

Kyocera currently is one of the manufacturers who focuses on durable and tough smartphones that can take a beating, although they make no mention in the video if they'll be using these "sapphire shield" displays on their own phones in the future or not. What they do mention is that their Sapphire Shield displays will be pure and "truly affordable". That would fall in line with most of kyocera's other products, a brand in electronics known for bringing affordable products pricing to the table for consumers. How affordable remains to be seen but Sapphire Glass displays are usually something that isn't cheap. It's an overall expensive process so the displays manufactured using that process in turn end up seeing that cost passed on, and down the line the consumer ends up paying a higher cost for the device or product that has it built in. The only other details they give out is that Sapphire Shield is "coming soon", so that could be anytime during the rest of this year for all we know.

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