Kyocera Is Currently Developing Sapphire Crystal Displays For Smartphones


The newest victim to have news leak out underneath them is Japanese mobile phone maker Kyocera. According to CNET, an industry source has revealed that Kyocera is currently developing a smartphone with a sapphire display, much like the one we have heard rumored from Apple. In addition to the rumor, a YouTube video has surfaced by Randy Kats, showing a dummy phone with the Sapphire crystal display going through a torture test. During the video, two different phones — one with impact resistant glass and one with the sapphire crystal go through various drops and hostile scraps. In the end the dummy phone with the sapphire crystal screen wins every battle. Kyocera declines any of the rumors, but CNET’s inside source confirms that the rumors are real and the torture test video are actual lab footage.

Over the years, sapphire crystal has been getting a lot of attention due to its strong durability. The material has had several uses — including in the military, medical services, and even windows. The use of sapphire seems endless with its impressive durability. Of course, sapphire isn’t getting love from everybody. Corning Vice President Tony Tripeny bashed sapphire stating “When we look at it, we see a lot of disadvantages of Sapphire versus Gorilla Glass. It’s about 10 times more expensive. It’s about 1.6 times heavier. It’s environmentally unfriendly.” It seems that Mr. Tripeny is afraid that sapphire may sweep everyone off their feet with its strong durability and is doing everything in his power to keep people from falling in love with the durable material.

This isn’t the first time Kyocera has played around with sapphire crystal. The Japanese company has explored all sorts of technologies that are strong and durable to make their phones Incredible Hulk status. As of right now, this is all the information we have on the rumored phone that Kyocera will make with sapphire glass. We will update you in the future when more news or rumors surface on the web. In the meantime let us know what you think about having a smartphone with Sapphire glass. Do you agree with Corning’s Vice President? Or do you wish to look at your phone and be pleased by the non-existent scratches? Let us know in the comments below. You can also watch the torture test video below as well.