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Google only just unveiled its new design language, Material Design, which will replace the aging Holo design language that was devised back in the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich days, but that's plenty of time for some developers to show off their apps in the new design.  What better way then to debut your app for the very first time than to already begin including much of this new design language's traits into your app from the get-go?  Journey does just that, and it covers a niche portion of the market that's not too often talked about: Journaling.  While journaling is often thought of as something you might do in your spare time in your High School years, it's an effective way to write down memories of things happening in your life, and Journey is here to help you do that digitally.

Instead of using an app that's really just designed for taking notes or writing documents, Journey is specific to journaling, and presents an interface that users can feel right at home with.  The first screen you'll come across is your most recent entry, complete with a title picture if you've included it and the full entry below.  The left-hand pull-out menu will present you with your main section, called Journey, followed by Calendar, Photos and Atlas.  Calendar sorts entries by date, Photos sorts photos by date and the entries they are attached to, and Atlas sorts posts by the location they were made in.


Journey is also designed to be your perfect travel companion, attaching photos and writing down memories with ease and storing them in one easy place to find.  All journal entries can be saved as a PDF so you can easily back them up outside of the app, and you can even include the music you're listening to in entries, set reminders for whatever you can think of, and more.  Journey just exited beta status and is on the Play store for free, while premium features such as markdown support, removing PDF watermarks, night mode and journal backup are open for premium purchase.  Check out the Play Store link below to try it for yourself!


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