Intel Will Deliver Broadwell Y Series Android Based Tablets Later This Year

July 17, 2014 - Written By Jamil Bryant


Chip giant Intel has some exciting new toys for us coming out later this. We all love Android and know that the software is the most used in the world. Intel of course knows this and plans on delivering an Android based tablet running their new Broadwell Y silicon chips. The tablets will be cored branded CPU and graphics performance. So going by that, these tablets will run super fast. These Android based tablets are set for launch later this year, which by than with Android L running loose, should have 64-bit support.

So what will these Android based broadwell powered tablets look like and have inside? Well to start off, the tablets will be 9mm thick and have a detachable keyboard. Somewhat similar to Microsoft’s surface tablets. The chassis will be machine aluminum and will come in two size’s; 10.6 and 13.3. With those two sizes we already know that these will be some decent sized tablets. The screen resolution is expected to have Quad HD, so to put that in perspective, that’s about 2560×1440. The battery life for these tablets sound great as well, lasting for about 8 hours. For photo taking, the tablets will come with an 8 megapixel front-facing camera and a 13 megapixel rear-facing camera. Holding all of those photos will be 64GB of native storage.

The specs for these Android based tablets are pretty great,  but what about the price? For your entry level tablet  that will be low in specs will cost you around $499. If you want to get a tablet that is fully loaded then you will have to throw down $799. The price may be hefty but for a high quality tablet there’s no way around it. With Intels Broadwell Y processor inside, these tablets will work wonders, especially running alongside Android. So since you have gotten the whole scoop on these unannounced Android Tablets running Intel’s new Broadwell chip, what do you think about it? Will intel soon give other companies a run for their money with these high powered tablets? Let us know what you think in the comments below.