Indian Import Listing Reveals Nexus 8 Prototype Undergoing Testing


The rumors of the next Nexus tablet by Google are starting to get even hotter with recent news from an Indian Import website. If you're a Nexus fan, than you more than likely have a Nexus phone and a Nexus 7 tablet as your daily drivers. This news is exciting for us die hard Nexus users and the release of the next tablet by Google may very well be on its way to a release.

The news comes from Zauba, an Indian Import website which tracks everything that comes through India. The listing descriptions is "NEXUS 8 PROTOTYPE TABLET SIMILAR TO NEXUS(7)." The origin of course, The United States. Unfortunately, the information from the import site doesn't give us any detail on the manufacturer. Not to mention that the origin of where the prototype is coming from is the United States, so it can practically be anyone. Current rumors suggest that HTC will be the company behind the manufacturing and unveiling of the new Nexus 8.


The Nexus 8 is also expected to be unveiled around the same time Google releases the finalized version of Android L which just so happens to be this fall. Specs wise; the Nexus 8 is rumored to be running NVIDA's 64bit Tegra K1 chipset. If you have kept up with recent news, lots of manufacturers are beginning to install 64-bit processors in their newer devices. Companies such as Samsung are one of many that are beginning to do so. Along with the powerful processor, the Nexus 8 will include 2GB of RAM and an optional 16GB or 32GB models. Like the 2013 Nexus 7, the Nexus 8 will include an 8MP rear camera with image stabilization, and a 3MP front facing camera for those duck face selfies. The hardware for the device is pretty good assuming that the rumors are correct. As of right now, we have no future details on the next Nexus tablet. Once new rumors surface and maybe pictures, we'll make sure to inform you. In the meantime, you can share your thoughts about the listings which can be viewed below and as well as the rumors we have so far about the Nexus 8 tablet.


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