Images Pop Up Comparing The Size Of The Sony Xperia T3 And C3 Together

Sony has two more Xperia devices getting released, with one having already launched in a limited number of markets and the other getting launched sometime next month. Both the Sony Xperia T3 and C3 are upcoming devices from the Japanese OEM set to take on the mid-range device market, both sporting displays with a 720p resolution and both seem to run Android Kit Kat and are both powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processors under the hood. There are a good few other similarities as well, but one area where these devices vary slightly is with the screen size, with the Xperia C3 coming equipped with a 5.5-inch display while the Xperia T3 has a 5.3-inch display. That is a rather small variance in screen size and may be unnoticeable to most people, but to the utmost discerning eye it could be very easy to spot.

The Xperia C3 being the larger of the two has yet to release but someone who has gotten a hold of both phones has posted some comparison images of the two devices sitting side by side, which gives a good look at how much different in size the two phones from Sony will be. Judging by the images, it won't be much, although it is easy to tell the difference in size of the entire device even if the screens look virtually the same. The Xperia C3 seems to be just a hair wider and taller, and according to the listed specs so far comes with a 5MP front facing wide angle camera and is being toted as the worlds best selfie camera on a smartphone. Whether that is true or not will remain to be seen.

Both the C3 and the T3 are said to be coming with 2,500mAh batteries inside to keep the phones juiced up and will be sporting 1GB of RAM. The Xperia T3 has a stainless steel chassis where as the C3 does not, so that might steer some people towards the T3 instead as metal casings, partial or otherwise, seem to be a pretty big craze with phones right now. Overall both device actually look pretty nice and they both offer a decent splash of color compared to your normal everyday black and white, or gold tones that we've been seeing lately.

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