HTC's Android Wear Smartwatch Gets a Concept Render


We already know that HTC is working on an Android Wear smartwatch, it’s been confirmed by both Google and HTC. We’re expecting it to launch later this year, and we haven’t seen many leaks about it just yet. But we do have a concept Render from PhoneDesigner. And this concept render looks oddly familiar. Is it just me, or does it look a lot like the LG G Watch, with a different band. We also already know that Android Wear won’t be using any skins, which Evleaks addressed that in the comments, stating that the screenshot on there is just a place holder, and isn’t real, obviously. It’s still a nice looking concept render, even if it does look oddly familiar.

For some reason, I think HTC has something much nicer up their sleeves. It’d be nice to see them go with a round display like the Moto 360, but I don’t see that happening this year. But given how well HTC does with hardware for their phones and other devices, I’d be surprised to see something that looks as plain as this. They may even give us Boomsound speakers on the Android Wear watch. While this one does look a lot like the LG G Watch, I think I’m fine with that, as I do like the way the LG G Watch looks. But I was hoping for something a bit more unique to  HTC as they are known for their hardware, and this just looks like a plain black slab

HTC is one of many partners for Android Wear. You can expect to see plenty of Android Wear smartwatches later this year. After all, every Android manufacturer – except for Sony – is a partner with Android Wear. And ASUS’ smartwatch is supposed to be pretty cheap. Which will definitely be interesting to see.