HTC Loses Two More Execs ahead of Smartwatch Launch

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Just like everyone else, HTC is also working on a smartwatch. In fact, they are one of the Android Wear partners, and we are expecting them to launch their smartwatch later this year. However, there’s some more bad news for HTC, as it looks like they just lost their CMO and COO of the company. That’s Ben Ho, and Fred Liu, respectively. This makes Ho’s time with HTC pretty short, since he did just join the company around 18 months ago. While Ben Ho is no longer CMO, he will still be with the company until the end of 2014, however. Fred Liu has also dropped his day-to-day operations and instead is in an advisory role now, as he gets ready to retire after 16 years with HTC. Which is a nice amount of time. Liu joined HTC about a year after it was founded by HT Cho and Peter Chou.

It’s important to remember that neither of these should really reflect the roadmap that HTC has in place. As neither of these people are completely leaving the company, just stepping down from executives to doing other roles. So hopefully it’s not all doom and gloom for HTC with Ben Ho and Fred Liu leaving the company at the end of the year. HTC sent a statement to Engadget about this report which is below:

“HTC’s dedication to innovation drives us to pursue our goals. We are taking the necessary steps to create a resurgence of the HTC brand. As a company, we will continue to push forward, making the hard decisions needed to continue growing as a global presence. We are confident that the business steps we have taken, and continue to take, are the right ones to lead to a strong resurgence of the HTC brand. HTC continues to invest in talent and recruitment as part of our broader human resources strategy to ensure the continued strength of our company’s organizational structure.”

How many of you are surprised to see both Ben Ho and Fred Liu leaving their positions at HTC? Let us know in the comments below.