Hangouts Is Now A Part Of The Apps For Business Suite With 24/7 Phone Support

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Google takes pride in having their services work for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and have recently made some changes to their Google Apps For Business setup that now includes Hangouts. Now that Hangouts is part of the Google Apps For Business package, this version of the service also includes some enhanced features for businesses who will be using the suite of business focused applications. Google’s focus with this update is to enhance the way businesses conduct meetings and make it easier for them to have that face to face conversation, as they believe this is still the “best and simplest” form of communication between teams of people.

As part of this change, Google now lists Hangouts as having the same terms of service and support as other Apps for Business, and also gives it the same 24/7 customer phone support should businesses or IT people for those businesses need to get a little assistance. They also guarantee an uptime of 99.9% which should make any businesses looking at using this app for team meetings feel a little more secure that they can rely on it to work when they need it. Also along with this update, is the ability for any Google Apps customers to have the ability to join in on Hangouts meetings calls. There is no longer a need to have a Google+ profile to be a participant so long as you are a customer of Google apps. The Hangouts video meetings still support up to 15 participants, and the change here also allows any Google apps customers to start a high-definition video call and not just join in on one that is already in progress, whether that be from a Chromebook, a Chromebox for meetings, a smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop.

This solidifies Google’s commitment to providing a great experience for enterprise solutions, by making it simpler and more reliable for businesses to use Hangouts as a viable option to communicate with team members. Google is also giving some power and ease of use to the IT community, as any IT professional will now have the ability to manage Hangouts video meetings from the Apps Admin Console to remote start, mute, or remotely end a meeting. Check out the Hangouts for Work video below and see some of the changes for yourself.