Google's Project Zero Is A Focused Effort To Make The Web A Safer Place For Everyone

The battle over internet security and making it a safer place for everyone who uses it the world over is a long one, but search giant Google seems to be keen(like always)on assisting any way they can to make the internet a safer place to browse, surf, read, and do whatever else. Each year technology advances and we not only become more of a mobile society but more of an online one as well, always connected, and with the amount of sensitive data that we keep online it can be a little scary to think about the possibilities of how insecure certain parts of the web may be.

Google's plan starts with a name. Project Zero. The idea behind it is to fill some roles at Google with the best and brightest in the field of security research, and have them assist in making advancements and improvements to web based securities. Google will apparently be giving these employees a full-time position and those roles consist of nothing but making the web a more secure place. With all of their attention focused on such an important matter as internet security surely we'll begin to see some betterment in the matter. It's also not too surprising to see Google starting and funding a project like this one, as they have been open advocates for making the web a safehaven when it comes to personal data and information. While these security researchers will be dealing with Google products and services directly, that will not be their only focus as they will also be committed to tracking down any security flaws and threats and then alerting the developer of the software that is being effected. Once the developer has a patch ready to go, Google says it will make the information about the particulars public.

The project as a whole is targeted at any and all types of internet security, and Google mentions they'll be doing some new research in certain areas like mitigations, exploitation, and program analysis. They're also giving the green light to the researchers to devote time and efforts to any other security issues that they feel are worth while and need attention and focus. Google is hiring for these positions as of now so if you think you have the passion, mindset, and the abilities to bring something to the table here, following Google's Project Zero Blog would be a good place to start if you're interested in applying as they should mention relevant details about the process there.

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