Google Turns Out The Lights On The Real Name Requirement Policy For Good

Google Plus has been a thriving community of discussions, memes, lively conversations and meaningful posts about generally everything over its lifetime, even if not from the very moment that the Google owned social media outlet went live. Google Plus has many things going for it that make it the community of choice for many would be Facebookers or Twitter tweeeters were it never available, but one thing that has never enticed users is the ability to use absolutely any name you want when setting up a profile. Because that feature of Google Plus has never been something that was available. Google had certain restrictions in place that required users of Google Plus to follow the guidelines, which unfortunately had always meant the use of real names.

Google changes all of that today with a simple(and appropriate)Google Plus post stating that they will from hence forth be allowing users of the social network to set up profiles with whatever names they wish. We imagine Google still has policies set in place that only let you pick your name within reason, and that obvious selections by any individuals whose names are considered inappropriate in any way will most likely not be allowed. However, they do also state that there are "no more restrictions" on name use. So, with that said if you want to start a Google + profile with the name of Princess Consuela Banana Hammock it seems you're free to do so. Although, we'd recommend jumping on that one immediately, even though it's probably already gone before this post even reached the internet.

Google readily praised its users for expressing their open and passionate feelings about the real name requirement, while also apologizing for anyone who may have had a harder time during the setup process of a Google Plus profile simply because they didn't want their real name to be included. While Google is all for openness and making Google Plus an accepting community, don't think that the trolls won't come out of the woodwork. According to Google's Yonatan Zunger though, who is the Chief Architect  of Google Plus, says that their troll-smashing department has gotten very good at their jobs. So, rejoice all those who wish to use a bevy of fake names and alter egos. Google Plus is now your home too.

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