Google Search With Voice Now Lets You Correct Wrong Responses

Google Voice Search can do some cool things, but this is by far the coolest feature of it all. For years we have all complained about the ghastly responses we get from automated systems, or just about the poor functionality. Voice recognition and voice enabled features of technology and mobile devices have all gotten better though in the last year or so, and now Google Voice Search has one very awesome functionality that everyone should absolutely love. If you accidentally say something incorrectly or like in most cases if Google Search simply just doesn't understand what you were asking and feeds you the wrong results, you can reply back to it with a "No, I said this..." response. And immediately I'm reminded of that hilarious scene with Kevin James in the film Chuck and Larry where the automated system just won't get his responses right.

If you find yourself running into problems more often than not with the voice search function due to misinterpreted  search terms, all you have to do is say, "OK Google, No I said" and then insert the correct term that you wanted from voice search. It's really that easy and there's not much to it other than that. It may be super simple but up until now when this function was available, getting the incorrect search results would require users to just re-do the voice search altogether or type things in. More times than not that is what some users would do if they constantly are given back the incorrect results.

Hopefully this cuts most of those situations out going forward but it's still a little early to tell if it really works without much flaw. It probably works great in conditions where there isn't a lot of noise in the background, but how does it fare when there's a ton of ambient noise with a lot of people around you and the mic could just as easily still pick up other people's voices? What about in the car with the stereo up and windows down to add in the sounds of wind resistance? Chances are that voice search results work better now with this reply as an option if things come up wrong, but time will tell how useful it actually becomes. It also probably varies depending on how often you use the voice search function in the first place.

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