Google Pulls Multiple Devices From The Play Store Devices Section

While the HTC One M8 and the Motorola Moto G GPe editions are still available to buy,(probably because they're still relatively new offerings), today Google has officially pulled three previous GPe devices from the "devices section" of the Play Store. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra, HTC One M7 and the LG G Pad 8.3 tablet have all been pulled out of the listings, so if you wanted one of those it seems you have missed the boat, at least when it comes to getting it straight from Google. There's always the chance you could stumble upon someone selling it through Craigslist or Ebay. The Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe model is still listed however it is and has remained out of stock since Google no longer had any to sell. We're guessing this will get pulled soon too, and perhaps replaced by a Samsung Galaxy S5 GPe model.

The Galaxy S4 GPe has been out of stock for the past few weeks or so, which could mean that it will still end up getting re-stocked at some point or perhaps Google has another reason for leaving the listing up. We'll try not to read too much into it as there isn't any factual evidence to support any of our wildest theories, but we won't rule out that Google may be looking to either eventually get rid of the GPe devices down the road, or if they're simply just removing the older models due to successor replacements. There hasn't really been any evidence to back rumors about the GPe devices going away either, so most likely we're just seeing Google completing a little bit of digital summer cleaning from the device page.

Even though some old GPe classics have left our presence and moved on to greener pastures, the good news is that now there's room for what may be coming next. Who knows what exactly that might be but rest assured that whatever it is, and if Google does have devices planned to take over that previously owned real estate, they will probably be just as awesome as what came before it. Hopefully. Do you currently own one of the GPe devices that are now gone from the Play Store? If so how do you like compared to the original non-GPe models?

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