Google Now Offers More Information on Your Weather with High and Low Temperatures

Google  Now is always the first thing I check in the morning, and over lunch, and after finishing dinner at night, since it's always so chock full of useful information.  The most useful, and most consistently useful, is the weather card.  It is updated every time you load the app (or Now page if you use the Google Experience Launcher), and is usually rather accurate.  Well, for those like me you, the weather heads that want to know the forecast instead of just waiting to see what happens in the sky (or don't care), Google has a new part of Now for us to enjoy or disregard, and you may have done the second if you don't use Now very much or use it far too often.

Google Now's weather card now shows you not just the location, the current weather (in icon form), and the temperature, but now also the high and low temperatures for the city and day.  And if the weather card is in its larger size, it shows you next four days' forecast, weather icons, and high-low temperatures as well!  Now, let's take score of what the weather card can tell us now.  The Google Now weather card can  tell you the location for the forecast/update, the current (or last refreshed) temperature reading, the current weather via an icon, wind speed in mph (and likely m/s (meters per second) if you chose metric measurements), precipitation percentage for the day and current time.  It now (if in its larger size) shows all that as well as the next four days of the week (along with which days of the week by name, if you forget sometimes), showing the weather icon/forecast, and the high and low temperatures for each day, and all those things change and update as time passes and you refresh the page/it updates or syncs.

Google's weather card is something you might want to use more, since it has so much to offer now, and if you click on it and look at the hour-by-hour forecast, that updates as time passes as well, and that page even shows you the humidity, as well as a list of the next six days' worth of forecast icons and high and low temperatures.  And ALL of that is just a click extra on the weather card.  So, next time you're heading to the beach, the club, the bar, or the mall, check the weather card to see what you should wear and bring.  And always be sure to check back, because it updates.


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