Google and Motorola Rumored to be working on a 5.9-inch Nexus Device, Named ‘Shamu’

July 26, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This will make some people happy. According to a leak that Android Police published this afternoon, it appears that Google and Motorola are working on a Nexus device. But not just that it’s a Nexus device, it’s also a 5.9-inch device. So those looking for a larger sized Nexus device will love this rumor, if it indeed becomes true. According to Android Police, this device is going to be aimed at several US carriers and some other unspecified carriers elsewhere in the world. Which kinda leads me to believe that it might be an Android Silver device, but then again Google always names their Nexus devices after sea-animals like tilapia, Hammerhead, etc. The rumor also states that it’s aimed at a November release and set to come with a fingerprint sensor, which is actually kinda surprising, to see that on a Nexus device.

It also appears that both Shamu and Volantis are running a Google-based kernel, which is typically only done on Nexus devices. Even though we can’t say for certain that this will be a Nexus device, it looks pretty likely that it will be one. Android Police also notes that this rumor was sent to them from someone with a Gmail address, and not a email address. So it could be fake, but someone would have to go a long way to get a device name entered into their AOSP issue tracker and have the issue accepted by Google.

While we aren’t sure if this is true or not, we’re definitely hoping that it is. We’ve been waiting on a Motorola Nexus for quite some time now. Heck, I’ve been asking for a Nexus Maxx for a few years. And we might just get it this year. Now it looks like a 5.9-inch device, so it may not be for everyone, and if they do go the 5.9-inch route, I think we’ll see another Nexus smartphone launched this fall.