Google Mocks Up Images Of Their Core Apps With The Material Design Look

Android L if anything has proven to be a very big change in the direction that Google is taking the design of the Android operating system. Material Design as it's already known is the set of design guidelines that Google has put out for app developers to follow, and as always Google ends up putting together some great references for developers by updating the look and feel of their own core apps. With these new guidelines, Google has mocked up some images of what they envision Android's future with Material Design should look like so others have something to work off of. We have already seen some of what the next version of Android will look like as many of us have already gotten our hands on the L preview, but since it is a preview essentially meant for developers that means there are a lot of unfinished details. Some of those being particular apps like YouTube, Gmail, Maps and others from the teams at Google.

Here you can see a large grouping of different screenshot mockups that play to the design of what Android L is expected to look like, and it gives a good idea of what we can expect to see when this version of the software build starts getting pushed out to users later in the year. Many of the applications represented in these images though could end up being modified by Google just a little bit once Android L is actually ready for release out to users, though we don't expect things to change too much as Google is trying to give developers as we said above, a reference of what to work with.

There are images of the Play Store of the different categories like Movies, Music, Games, and Books, and some of YouTube, Gmail, the Contacts application and others. There's quite a bit of images to work through but viewing them all is worth it, as you'll get a nice idea of what each application will look like in the end. Again though, these are mockups and not necessarily how each and every application will look once they're in a finished state. Still, looking through them you can see how Google's new "material design" aims to unify the design across platforms, with splashes of color and big crisp images of generally everything. Material Design is going to be an interesting build and the most animated version of Android yet.

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