Google Makes New Publishers API Available To Developers For Better App Management

July 29, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

As we always tend to state, Google loves to make things easier for just about everyone when and where they can. This isn’t just limited to users, or themselves, they like to make life easier on Android developers as well and that’s exactly what this new Google Play Developer publishing API is going to do for those who design, develop and publish their apps to the Play Store. Even if you thought taking care of things on the developer side with your apps was fairly simple before, they are about to get a whole lot simpler and quite a bit more convenient too.

The API is based around making the job easier when it comes to just about everything with the app publishing process. Once developers have use of this new API, they’ll be able to more readily manage nearly all the parts of production. Developers will be able to take their app apk and roll it out to the Play Store in various versions, like a beta, and a final production release for example all the while keeping both apks separate. What might be the most useful, at least from the sound of it is the ability to more easily track their app’s performance. This can help developers make any sort of changes or updates to their app accordingly based on whether they think their app could do better and how they could make that happen.

Developers will now also be able to receive alerts and notifications through email about anything that goes on with their application, whether it be users having issues with the app working or getting notified when the app is downloaded by more users. Keeping track of the ratings is important too, and this new publisher API will help with that as well, alerting developers when they get a new rating. In accordance with the ratings, developers can now also handle reviews and responses to those reviews better. The new publisher API will let developers bulk export all of their app reviews so they can analyze them any way they wish, which could be useful if they wanted to be able to read them on the go. If you’re a developer, look out for the tools to hit so you can grab them yourself and start working with them as we’re sure it’ll make your job easier, as Google has stated these are now available for developers to take advantage of.