A Guy's Google Glass Is Allegedly Stolen But Somehow Manages To Keep Recording

Update: After some thought and discussion over this matter we believe this video to be a potential fake. We picked up the story and reported on it without thinking about some logical points, like the fact that the pair of Glass would disconnect after being taken away a certain distance from the original owners phone, as we know that Glass does not have any network connectivity properties on its own and receives its data connectivity from a connected handset. Also, while it seems reasonable to assume that the owner most likely had Glass plugged into a battery pack to keep it running all day, after it was stolen it would have died within 45 minutes without a charge and wouldn't have the ability to record during the last few moments of the video where the said assailant is at the rave. While we can't say for certain whether this video is actually true or fake, it's best to take it with a heavy grain of salt.

For all the criticism that Google Glass receives for its capability to record video almost undetected,(and this video below just proves how undetected it can be)it's situations like this one that make Glass a wonderful thing. A Glass Explorer named Mike Geller had arrived in New York and was recording the days events through Glass. Anyone who watches the video below will be able to see all the awesome architectural wonders like the tall buildings, the outside of Radio City Music Hall, and what looks like it could be the Empire State Building from the top? That's all well and good, but the really interesting part is when Mike is sitting in the park having just finished and enjoyed what looks like lunch(perhaps just a quick bite)and sat down to relax. He is then approached by a stranger who seemed generally interested in Glass and proceeded to ask if he could try them on.

Probably like most Glass Explorers, it seems that Mike was allowing said individual to check out the pair of Google tech specs, only to have the man run off with them and steal his pair of Glass. The sad thing is that Mike never got his pair of Google Glass back, and it's likely that he won't either, which is a shame. What he did get though is a good look at the rest of the days events for the thief, since Mike immediately turned on an app that initiated the live stream function of Glass's camera called Live Lens.

Thanks to Mike's quick thinking, he as well as everyone else gets a look at this moron running around New York, grabbing some beer, going home to start a quick buzz and get ready for the evening, then for a brief second or two at the very end we see this guy at a rave wearing the glasses in the midst of all the chaos. If you watch carefully you can see the Giant Red Furry dancing in the background, and with that it's probably a good idea the glass video cuts off when it does. It is a shame that Mike lost his pair of Glass, but with any luck perhaps this guy will be caught in a week from doing something equally if not more stupid and catch that on video too.

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