GIF Watchface For Android Wear Brings Highly Delightful Awesomeness To Your Wrist

We know what you've been missing from your life. Furthermore, what's been missing from the life of your Android Wear device. Animated GIF images to be used as a backdrop. There have been a slew of apps and other things releasing for Android Wear and more are coming out an almost daily basis, including different watchfaces. Till now though there hasn't been anything so cool as animated GIF's that you can stare at blankly for at least 15 minutes on end. That changes today with the new Android Wear app called GIF Watchface. Yes, these truly are amazing times we live in as we can now have our daily helping of GIF's without even having to open up our browsers and surf the internet.

If we had you at GIF images on Android Wear than you can go ahead and pick this app up for free from this Play Store link, and we would have made a GIF image for that but we just don't have that kind of time. When you install the app as with any other Android Wear application it automatically pushes the Android Wear counterpart to your watch, so it shouldn't take more than a minute or two before you see it pop up on your wrist. You shouldn't have to worry about it working its way through all of the GIF's too quickly either, as it downloads about 100 different GIF images right from the get go.

Those GIF's that are downloaded are then cycled through with a new GIF to look at whenever you check the time, and the app even downloads new GIF images throughout the day and keeps pushing a new one to your watch every hour. The idea here is to have a random and fresh GIF on your watchface whenever you check the time, but with a limit on the GIF images set at 100 and with the way things are working currently, it's said that you may end up seeing some of the GIF's pop up more than once. We're sure you won't mind too much though right? If you have an obsession with awesome GIF's like we do, we suggest you grab the app like... now. In the meantime, here's a few favorites that will hopefully pop up at some point for you.(Disclaimer: these are not actual GIF's, but rather simple screenshots of them, sorry)

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