Gear Live And G Watch Currently Have No Charging Cradle Replacement Options

Android Wear is certainly one of the more exciting things to come out of Google this year, and probably the most talked about category to come out of the wearables scene. However exciting Android wear(and the two devices that make up the platform so far)is though, both devices and Android Wear itself aren't without their faults. People have been complaining about various issues with both manufacturers, ranging from problems with connecting to the issue with Samsung's Gear Live build quality problems. The most recent issue making its rounds on the web though is the complete lack of a way to purchase or even get a hold of any extra charger combos for the Gear Live and the G Watch.

If you already own either the LG G Watch or the Samsung Gear Live you are familiar with the Charging Cradle/Micro USB charger combo that comes with each setup. Each is slightly different from each other but they both also have a couple of things in common. They both use a set of pogo pins to connect to the watch, which docks onto the cradle to juice up the device. There are benefits and problems with this setup but the biggest issue people are having right now is that since this charging setup is proprietary, there is no way to charge your watch once the battery dies if you have either lost your dock/cradle, or it's broken. You'd think this sort of gross oversight would be something that both manufacturers would have considered and planned to be prepared for. If you thought that though, well then you'd be wrong.

According to users of both sets of Android Wear smartwatches on a reddit thread started over this particular problem, there is currently no way to grab yourself an extra charging cradle. The good news at least for Gear Live owners it seems is that Samsung is on track to begin selling their cradle for the Gear Live on their own website, as well as through Best Buy. We'll assume this means the physical brick and mortar locations as well as Best Buy's online web store. For the time being though until both sets of users can pick up a replacement cradle/dock, it's best to protect your current unit like your life depends on it, unless you care not about being without your watch once the battery goes dead.

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