Gamevil's New Action RPG Kritika: Chaos Unleashed Launches July 15th


Gamevil is by far one of the better game publishers out there for mobile, getting the largest portion of their fanbase from titles like Zenonia 1, 2, and 3 which are all action RPG games. Their upcoming title called Kritika Chaos Unleashed will be a hack and slash gameplay style Action-RPG,(returning to their roots)that has peppered elements of standard RPG like gameplay with leveling through experience gains and crafting of weapons, items and armor, as well as character upgrades through new active and passive abilities. The graphics are rather gorgeous with an Anime inspired art style, but the real visual winner comes from the attack and ability animations. When you unleash devastating attacks and string together perilous combos, your eyeballs are greeted with some pretty wonderful particle effects. Yes the character model and landscape graphics are well designed and look awesome too, but with Kritika Chaos it's the little details that really make things stand out.

Kritika offers multiple character choices, most of which seem like they'll be coming soon after release. I am personally playing a pre-launch build in which they're not available. Currently playable characters are the Beserker which is kind of like a heavy damage warrior type, and Cat Acrobat which strikes me as more of a rogue type with lighter damage but much faster attacks and the ability to duel wield weapons like smaller daggers. The other classes will be an optional character creation pick for gamers in future updates after Kritika actually launches. Most of the gameplay is kind of like Dark Avenger's hack and slash dungeon crawling, but as an improvement it actually includes dialogue for a little bit of a background to the game. It's not just mindless hacking and slashing of monsters and other enemies, there is a story here. You'll notice this come up at various points in the game via the cutscenes that pop up.


Also unlike Dark Avenger, there is plenty of more depth in other areas as well. There is an in game guide character that talks to you as you play, which makes for a nice additive. There's also tons of gear from multiple tiers and quality ranks, from common to legendary, all which can be enhanced for a more powerful version of the original drop. The particle effects come into play here too. As you enhance your weapons, you'll notice that the graphical effect of the "aura" around it evolves with a look that becomes more menacing. One downside is that your character's gear doesn't seem to change as you upgrade or swap it out, short of the weapons you have equipped. The only way to change your characters look is through "avatars", which are basically different skins for each character you have.

There's tons more involved with Kritika too like weekly challenges through monster waves with global rankings. At the end of each challenge period, your ranking will reward you with a certain amount gold, determined by your standing on the leaderboard. It's easy to raise your rank as you can just continue playing through the Wave levels, but each time you play takes away one gem currency that replenishes over time, so you can only play the wave level so many times in a given day. There are various ways to gain gear or "loot drops", whether it be from drops off enemies during a level or through the chests that you can open after acquiring the appropriate keys. Keys can also be found on enemies just like loot, and loot is displayed at the end of each level. You can also go into your inventory from the main in game menu(Home)and see which gear is new as any items you didn't have prior are marked until you tap on them. There is a nice little tutorial that you go through during your characters first few levels, which is helpful since there's a lot of stuff to become familiar with. Gamevil is also holding a pre-registration in which you can acquire some free in-game gear like a unique avatar, which you can sign up for here so you can claim your free character avatar once the game launches officially. The supre rare avatar skin is guaranteed and will be the bonus item, and you'll also get an awesome item of unknown origin(limited)if you pre-register before the launch on July 15th. Over all the game is wild and full of action and hell of a lot of fun, and hopefully we'll see some official Bluetooth gamepad support thrown in the mix.

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