GameBench Sets A New Standard For True Testing Scores During Real World Use

Benchmarks can be an interesting bit of data if you care to know how your devices stack up against the others out there on the market. Did you buy the right mode? Should you have waited a couple more months until that phone with newer CPU came out? These are questions you might ask yourself if you're at all interested in how your device performs under heavy use conditions like say for example, gaming. Gaming is definitely one of the most taxing functions of a smartphone being that it requires an enormous amount of processing power for the highest quality games and a decent amount of RAM. Perhaps more accurately, lots of processing power and healthy amount of RAM are needed if you want to play a high quality and demanding game with a decent frame rate.

Benchmark tests in the last year or so have started to give more of a false expectation to some consumers though as it was found that some OEMs were more or less finding ways to boost their benchmark scores using benchmarks like AnTuTu before the devices release. Thus giving consumers a potentially less accurate impression of how the device might perform in real world conditions during every day use. GameBench benchmarking app wants to change this, and give consumers the most accurate reading possible.

Instead of running a series of tests made specifically to gather data on your devices performance, GameBench runs in the background while you engage in one of the most taxing functions of your smartphone or tablet like we stated above, gaming. This way it can see how the device really, truly performs while you're playing actual games that exist and will be not only gobbling up your devices performance resources, but draining your battery. GameBench logs performance data throughout your play session, and of course your score will be higher if the frame rate consistently stays at a higher value. Battery drain is also taken into consideration, and if your devices battery drains faster than normal while playing a game, GameBench will deduct points from your score for this. The app is free on the Play Store as of now so you can check your score if you're interested.

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