The LG G Watch Is Coming To A Doorstep Near You

People.  People.  Get this.  If you ordered a G Watch on the day of announcement at I/O, it's coming.  Soon  For those that didn't and might not know what I'm talking about here, this is for you.  LG and Samsung both had Android Wear devices ready (the G Watch and Gear Live, respectively) and announced on the first day of Google I/O, the developers' conference, last week.  When the keynote ended around noon, the 'for sale' sign went up on the Play Store for the two wearables, and you can count on the fact that people ordered those like mad.

The G Watch, on the day it was ordered like crazy (Wednesday of last week), the device was seen as 'leaving the warehouse' on each customer's Play Store update/tracking things, until today.  Today, customers that ordered the LG G Watch from Google's Play Store saw that their order of one lovely new shiny LG G Watch was expected in 1-2 business days!  It is certainly a most joyous day for all that ordered one,  and it's also a good sign for those of us that haven't gotten our order in yet for various reasons.  Here's why it's good for us who haven't yet clicked the buy button.

First, we have some time to get some regular consumers' opinions and reviews of it so we can make an informed decision before buying (or more informed, depending on how much of I/O and subsequent hardware coverage you watched).  Secondly, we can now be sure that the devices are really coming that soon, so if you held off ordering because you feared a delay of a month or more, since it only took about a week. Thirdly and most importantly, we know now that the hardware and software are ready.  Hear me out on this one.  Google I/O and its different rooms had their fair share of technical difficulties and mishaps, but that's resolved almost completely when a device or piece of software comes out for the consumer, the "average" consumer, not a developer, not a hacker, a normal person like you , me, Steve from next door, or Geraldine who lives down the street.  The LG G Watch software version KMV78V was seeded today, so this was likely an update to make it all ready for consumers' hands.  The fact that the device is ready to send out to consumers, in both hardware and software, we can expect it to be a stable supply of these now-finished and ready devices.

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