Firefox Android Beta Allows for Better Customization and Add-On Capabilities


Mozilla has released the latest iteration of Firefox Android Beta which allows for greater flexibility in customizing the browser for users in general and enables developers to do more with the functional aspects of the browser.

Firefox now allows users to tweak their home screen pages to reflect any website, feeds or service that are accessed frequently. Sources include Instagram, Vimeo, and Wikipedia and content is shown in a thumbnail format. This should make it pretty convenient to display content on specific sites and allows for greater convenience in accessing these pages without having to look through a list of text known as bookmarks. In addition, users can customize their default home screen pages to display whichever page is more relevant to them at any point of time. For example, users can opt to display bookmarks rather than history depending on their personal preference.


Another improvement lies in better or more powerful add-on functionality via a newer set of APIs, which enables developers to create their own home screen pages thereby allowing better interaction between user and Firefox. This helps to make Firefox more user friendly and adds more value to Firefox as a mobile browser. This could help in drawing more users to utilize Firefox as a browser. Interestingly enough, due to how 'cutting edge' Firefox Beta is, Android L is not supported.

The final point of interest lies in the restartless language switching. As of now, Firefox has up to 54 languages allowing us to switch between them effortlessly thereby saving time and effort required. In short, Firefox Android Beta seems to be following in the footsteps of its older brother in giving both users and developers a greater say in customization and implementation of features. Check out the link here to test out Firefox beta.

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