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Golf is a rather unique sport in a number of ways.  Like other sports some take it super seriously and play for the skill and love of the game, but unlike most sports some just want to turn it into a zany creation with obstacles and stunts to add even more difficulty.  Golfing video games come in many flavors too, from ones that try to recreate the sport with pinpoint accuracy, including real professional PGA players and all, to the downright zany and wacky including mini golf and other creative visions of the Scottish sport.  Today we're going to amass all the golf games we could find on the Play Store and give you our 10 favorite ones, realistic or not, all bundled together.


10) Mini Golf Stars 2

As the name implies Mini Golf Stars 2 focuses solely on the little brother of golf, and does so with style.  Featuring simple cartoony graphics that don't get in the way of the gameplay, Mini Golf Stars 2's 100 varied levels take you through a bunch of different environments including beaches, deserts, rivers and more.  There's even multiplayer leaderboards and tournaments to compete in that give you points to unlock courses and get access to all the content in the game.  Being free is a big plus too!


9) Flick Golf

Flick Golf is part of the popular Flick Sports series by developer Full Fat, and if you've ever played one of the games in this series you'll know the basic premise here.  Simple controls and simple gameplay come together with a high score addiction to create something that will take quite a while to put down.  Full Fat has a free version for you to try out, and two separate games to buy once you decide to jump in feet first.  The regular Flick Golf features more realistic, normal golf course with challenges like water, sand and trees to get around.  The other is Flick Golf Extreme, and offers much crazier challenges like golfing around Niagara Falls, on an air craft carrier and other zany stages with even crazier obstacles.  Both paid versions are $1.99.


8) Golf Championship

Golf Championship is likely what you think of when you picture a golfing video game.  Featuring vibrant, cartoony graphics and over 72 holes, Golf Championship is full of challenges and interesting hole designs that'll keep you going for hours and hours.  Three different game modes change up the pace of the game, and customizing your avatar with items you can both earn and buy makes finishing a level with a better score that much more satisfying.  Touch controls bring the game to life, and while there's no multiplayer here at all it's a deep game with lots of stuff to do throughout.


7) Astro Golf

Astro Golf is a different take on the old sport, and takes it where you would expect based on the name: to space!  Featuring robots, great physics and simple touch controls, the 50 levels and 3 play modes will take you a while to beat and longer to master.  Each level is unique and feature plenty of different gameplay-changing elements like black holes, space ships and more.  There are different playable characters as well, each with their own story lines that add further variety to the game.  The game costs $1.99 and features in-app purchases for additional content.


6) Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 takes the formula from the original Super Stickman Golf and adds to it in every way.  Featuring even crazier and more challenging courses, this 2D side-scrolling golf game is the perfect blend of Angry Birds and golf, and challenges players to the usual goal of getting the ball to the hole in the fewest strokes.  Online multiplayer rounds out the experience and creates a game that's simply a blast to play.  Super Stickman Golf 2 is free and offers in-app purchases.


5) Flappy Golf

Yes, the concept is definitely as ridiculous as it sounds.  Flappy Golf melds two incredibly popular games, Super Stickman Golf and Flappy Bird, and lays one amazingly addicting game.  Made by the same developer of Super Stickman Golf, Flappy Golf uses stages from those games and adds its own flare to the mix; controls inspired by Flappy Bird.  You flap left or right, and try to land in the hole with the least flaps possible.  It's super simple and super addicting, as all the best games can be, and adds a brand new twist to the usual mix of golf games.  While it doesn't feature the customization of some of the other games or the multiplayer, the sheer joy of flapping your ball around to reach the hole transcends the basic desire to beat everyone else at the game.  Don't fear though, as the iOS version of the game has already been updated with multiplayer and we bet the Android version will soon as well.  Flappy Golf is free and has in-app purchases.


4) Mini Golf Matchup

Mini Golf Matchup is the perfect blend of Words with Friends and mini golf, and gives you the easiest way to play a quick multiplayer game of mini golf there is.  Each game is played turn by turn for each hole, so player one completes one hole and then it's the other players' turn to complete it in less shots and maybe even with more points than the other player too.  This gives you the ability to play games with multiple people at a time while not spending a lot of time on any one game in particular.  The game itself is free and features tons and tons of downloadable content and in-app purchases.  The stages are as varied as they come and can range from fairly common golf course styles to the crazy.


3) Let's Golf 3

Gameloft continues its quest to bring its own version of popular console games to the mobile world with a free to play model. Let's Golf 3 is the third in the series that closely resembles the Playstation hit series Hot Shots Golf, and features cartoony characters and stages with real golf gameplay.  There are 6 locations in total, ranging from the Great Wall of China all the way to Outer Space, as well as 4-player multiplayer either online or locally via WiFi or Bluetooth.  Characters are fully customizable and can be both dressed how you like and customized with different skill sets and abilities.  Four different game modes and mini-games keep the action flowing and shake it up a bit, ensuring that your only obstacle here is time, since it's a free to play game and has time limits unless you pay for more "stamina" as many other free to play Gameloft games are.  This is the game's biggest weakness and one of the only reasons it's further down the list than it is.


2) King of the Course Golf

King of the Course Golf is Electronic Arts' newest golf title, but it's not the for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series of golf games that it made for years.    It's a brand new arcade-style golf game that still follows in the legacy of EA's PGA Tour games when it comes to having a host of modes, tons of real-life courses, and all the pros you want to play as.  The game features over 300 challenges to complete as well as quick play modes that make it easy to play on the go.  Leaderboards mean no real-time multiplayer but competing for scores against friends is always a great deal of fun.  If you're looking for amazing graphics, great content and awesome gameplay, this is definitely the place to go.


1) Golf Star

Golf Star is likely the largest of all golf games, and we're not just talking in terms of modes or content.  Players from all over the world compete for the title of best golfer, and this game's bread and butter is multiplayer competition.  Real-time golfing against 10 other players makes this the biggest multiplayer golf game by far, and three different game modes ensure there's plenty of different ways to compete all the time.  Developer Com2US features weekly tournaments with prizes and trophies, a robust friends list with social networking hooks, and tons of customization for your avatar.  Gameplay is also deeper than most other golf games, featuring an advanced physics engine that takes into account over 70 factors into account such as impact angle, wind, temperature, humidity and others to create a hyper-realistic version of the game you know and love.  Golf Star also features real courses and real pros, much like King of the Course Golf.  The biggest downfall?  It's free to play, which means the more time you sink into it the more you're likely to shell out some cash to keep moving as you want.

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