Featured Review: Octa TabletTail Monkey Kit

There are a great many tablet stands and holders out there, but none quite so versatile as the TabletTail tablet stand from Octa. The full kit from Octa is actually comprised of quite a few different pieces that you can mix and match together to make tons of different types of stands, but this specific kit is made up of the "tail" part of the TabletTail as well as the suction cup piece that holds your tablet in place, known as the Monkey Kit. The suction cup interlocks with the tail section of this kit so it doesn't move, allowing you to secure your tablet to the suction cup and be ensured that it isn't going anywhere. I personally found that the tablet can make this stand a little top heavy, so you'll have to play with it a little bit to find the perfect position so that it stands up right and doesn't tip over. Once you find that spot though the TabletTail works amazingly to prop it up in front of you, giving you an awesome hands free experience while also allowing the tablet to sit at eye level like a TV screen or monitor.

The tail is bendable so you can position it in just the right way for you and adjust it to different heights. You can even wrap the tail around things so if you're sitting in a chair for example, you can wrap around the arm of the chair and get it to prop up while you relax. You can pretty much wrap it around anything provided it isn't too wide. It may seem crazy but you can even wrap around trees, which is a great way to access videos, or any other useful information you might want while you're working outside in the yard. The suction cup even has a 360 degree rotation so you can spin it to view at the most comfortable/enjoyable angle for you.

I found this to be quite enjoyable when I wanted to play games on my tablet either while stretched our on the couch or in bed, but I could still play games thanks to one of my Bluetooth game pads. Normally I would have to hold the tablet in my hands which is fine, but after a while holding my arms up while laying down gets tiring, and this alleviated that as I could rest my hands in my lap while controlling everything with the game pad. Although the tail section of the Monkey Kit is adjustable, it is unbelievably strong which allows it to stay in place. The tablet never once caused the tail to bend back due to weight issues nor did the suction cup come undone. You can release the suction cup on your own when you're done using the Monkey Kit, but leaving it alone it took hours and hours for it to lose suction. If you need a versatile tablet stand you can' go wrong with the TabletTail Monkey Kit. You can pick them up on Amazon right now for about $69.99.

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