Featured Review: Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case For The Nexus 7 2013

20140710 093220

The ASUS Google Nexus 7 2013 may be last year’s model Nexus tablet, but it’s still very much the daily driver tablet for many people. With a thinner and lighter body than the 2012 model, it feels a little more prone to damage. Although you certainly don’t want to be dropping the tablet at all, should it happen to slip through your fingers and hit the pavement(god forbid)or the kitchen floor, the carpet, the wood floor, or whatever other types of surfaces you may be using your tablet around, having something to protect it on the outside isn’t a bad idea if you’re prone to dropping things or if you have kids. Gumdrop makes a great case if you’re looking to protect your device, and the Drop Tech series does a pretty good job at taking the beating for your Nexus 7 in the event of a fall.

The case actually feels pretty beefy but surprisingly not too bulky like you would expect from a case that adds this kind of protection. It’s made of a dual layer system so the case is actually two pieces. The front piece which has an integrated screen protector to keep any damage off that beautiful display, is held together by the plastic shell that clips to the edges and around the backs of the corners of your tablet. The second piece is the rubber gel skin, which has a hefty rigid texture on the back which not only looks cool but actually helps to absorb the shock. Since the entire case is made up of two separate parts, the case provides multiple layers of shock absorption, and it has reinforced rubber bumpers on each of the corners, which is ironically where devices tend to hit more often if they’re dropped in the first place.

There is also integrated port covers so you can seal up your charger port and the audio port up top, keeping them closed off and clean and resistant to any dust or dirt that may want to try and get in should you drop it while outside. The Drop Tech series case is actually pretty comfortable to hold and doesn’t add too much weight to the tablet like I thought it would. Everything feels nice and well constructed, although the buttons felt a little stiff when attempting to hit the volume up/down keys, and the power button was a little harder to press than I expected. Although, after a little use the buttons should become a little easier to press. You can find Gumdrop’s Drop Tech series case for the Nexus 7 2013 on Amazon right now, normally it retails for $49.99 but at current it’s going for $29.99 so there is a $20 price cut on them. They also come in multiple colors and not just black, like black/orange, red/black, royal blue/lime, white/pink, and light blue/royal blue.