The FCC Reaches 1 Million In Comments Received On Net Neutrality


Net Neutrality has been a big thing lately. If you don’t know much about Net Neutrality, its pretty much the principle that all internet service providers should treat internet data equally and shouldn’t discriminate against certain sites by upgrading or downgrading speeds. It has been debated over the years and we’ve heard the whole deal with Comcast and Netflix — part of the reason for this whole ordeal. Now the Federal Communications Commission’s has stepped in and is taking public comments. The strong input from the public has caused an overload at the FCC. According to the FCC spokeswoman, Kim Hart, “We have seen an overwhelming surge in traffic on our Web site that is making it difficult for many people to file comments.” The FCC has received over 1 Million comments and is still counting. In addition, Kim Hart implied  “Please be assured that the Commission is aware of these issues and is committed to making sure that everyone trying to submit comments will have their views entered into the record.” Due to the surge in traffic, the FCC has extended their deadline to Friday at Midnight.

If you want to add to the millions of public comments, you can try if it isn’t too late and mail in your comment at [email protected]. Its always good to voice your concern or opinions about something that affects the lives of people everyday — especially like a common commodity such as the internet. If you are interested in what people are saying  you can also access the website here to view the comments made by people all over the US. Keep in mind that if you wish to send in a comment, they are all public and accessible on the FCC’s website. Don’t forget to let us know if you sent in your comments to the FCC. You can also share your concerns with us in the comments below. Just like voting for a new president, this is important, so if you like how fast your internet is, than it would be best for you to voice your thoughts.