Experience Google Glass First Hand In Boston On July 26th


Google has placed one hefty price on their Google Glass device. With a price tag of $1,500, Google Glass’s availability is limited to select cities due to beta testing. So for people who were unlucky and didn’t get their city selected to test out the new product by Google, you’re going to get your chance soon. The innovative new piece of technology will be coming to the city of Boston on July 26th in Mountain View. The event will take place in the Cyclorama, at the Boston Center for the Arts, from 10am-6pm. According to Google, “We’ve heard lots of people are interested in experiencing Glass first hand, so we’re giving you a chance to do just that.” Keep in mind that this event will last one day only so if you are in the Boston area or plan to be you can show up and try out Google Glass and even buy a pair.

Now look, if you’re like me, than you get hungry at these type of events. Food is a must to stay awake and keep focused on what’s going on. Google will be supplying everyone that is attending will get to enjoy local treats and beverages, courtesy of Google. So if its cookies, cake, chips, our sour punch, you will be able to keep your belly food and that smile on your face while you get to explore and experience Google Glass first hand. If you’re curious on what the event is all about, then you can go here to view the video in Durham, NC. You do know what that means right? Make it to the Boston event and get to be featured in the next Google Glass video making those astonished looks and showing them pearly whites!

If you live in the Boston area and plan on going to the Google Glass event at the Center of the Arts, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to share your experiences  with Glass and share a few pictures of you and your buddies experimenting and toying around with Google’s futuristic products.