Evleaks was Wrong; No OnePlus Tab Coming in 2014

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As Evleaks stated, yesterday was a bad day for him. He was wrong about a couple of things. One being the Nexus 9 Volantis with 5GB of RAM. The other being the OnePlus Tab. OnePlus has come out and said that there is no tablet coming this year, and that 2014 is all about the OnePlus One. Which is what it should be because OnePlus can’t even get all their One’s out there. Since you still need an invite to buy the OnePlus One right now. Hopefully when they do announce a new smartphone next year, they would have learned from their mistakes with the OnePlus One, as there have been plenty of them, and that’s understandable when you are a brand new company.

According to OnePlus:

The ‘OnePlus Tab’ rumors are false. We have no plans to make a tablet in 2014. We are putting all of our energy into the OnePlus One for the remainder of 2014.”

Now this doesn’t mean that they aren’t working on a tablet. It just means that it’s not coming out in 2014. Which is pretty plausible as these things do take time to put together and go through testing, etc. I would be more surprised if they said they aren’t working on a tablet, especially for next year, since everyone appears to be making a tablet these days. Same goes for wearables, and I’m sure OnePlus will be working on a wearable soon as well.

If OnePlus does the same thing to tablets as they have done with the OnePlus One, but making it available without invites, I think it would sell pretty well. Because of the specs of the OnePlus One and the price is pretty good together. Never mind the software that Cyanogen has been able to put on the OnePlus One. How many of you would pick up a OnePlus Tab? Let us know in the comments below.