Epic App Battles: Pocket V.S. Flipboard


Everyone has a favorite reader app. Rather, a favorite app that they use to read their news and the latest in whatever their interests are. There are plenty of different apps to get this job done, and arguably many, many popular ones. Today though we're focusing on two of the most popular apps to organize and aggregate your news feeds, social topics, interests and more, in the latest Epic App Battle of Pocket V.S. Flipboard. If you have used either one, then you know the kind of great content that both apps bring to the table.


Pocket is one of those apps that is honestly just too good to pass up. If you hate missed opportunities, and by that I mean missing the chance to read up on something or watch a video that you found just because you didn't have enough time, then you absolutely need Pocket. Formerly known as "Read It Later", Pocket has been around for quite a while and is hands down one of the best ways to save content that you find around the web that you want to check out later. Pocket prides itself not on being an app to aggregate your news from your favorite feeds, but by storing and organizing your content from those feeds in a clean and intuitive(also user friendly)UI for access to the content at a time when you can get to it. I can't tell you how many times I personally missed out on reading or viewing something because I forgot to save a bookmark, forgot the webpage address, etc. Pocket makes it easy to simply share the content you want that you find on the web with the app interface, and it's accessible from your Pocket account on any of your devices and their own webpage as long as your logged in with the same account. You can save virtually anything you want for later, like web links, news articles, blog posts, videos, recipes etc., and you're not limited to just saving content from the web, you can share content from other apps with Pocket too. Another great feature is that it works offline. Once you share something with Pocket, the content is available with or without a web connection. It's automatically dumped into the Pocket app interface for easy viewing so you can get to the content any time and anywhere. You can also easily filter and organize your content further with Pocket by adding tags or by favoriting content that you've already viewed to make it easier to find later on. Best of all Pocket is completely free, although they do offer a premium version for a one time in app purchase.



Flipboard is definitely one of the better news reader apps, and has been around long enough to gain a good following, unlike Pocket, Flipboard actually aggregates the news from your favorite topics, sites, and blogs right within the app and feeds it to you in a big and easy to view interface, almost like a magazine. Instead of flipping pages from left to right or right to left though, you swipe up and down on your screen to view the next or previous page like you would a calendar. You can select to "follow" content from specific websites that you already enjoy reading, or you can simply select topical categories that Flipboard has laid out and Flipboard will insert news and articles from various places based on the criteria of the stuff that you're interested in. Although saving content is possible within Flipboard, it isn't as easy and convenient as it is with Pocket. However, Flipboard does have one very intriguing feature that Pocket does not, and that's the possibility to not only aggregate your favorite news articles and online magazines, but you can also connect up to 12 social networks to your Flipboard account, so that posts and such from those feeds also get imported in for your viewing pleasure, which is quite honestly pretty cool if you like to read everything you care about in one place. Flipboard is also free, and has no premium version of the app which means what you see is what you get. Interestingly enough, if you like the way that Flipboard gathers news and information but are still pressed for time to read and view the content that you love and if you prefer the UI of Pocket more, you can save your Flipboard content to Pocket for access later on.

So, there we have it. Two popular news related applications for viewing content and reading, seeing, and watching anything you love from blogs to cat videos, which application suits you best for getting access to content you absolutely don't want to miss? Who should be crowned champion of these two content reader apps?