Enjoy Colorful Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper with SpinIt

July 31, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Looking to add a little color to your life?  How about show off that big, beautiful, bright screen on your shiny new smart phone?  We’ve got just the trick for you, and it comes in the form of an ultra-colorful live wallpaper called SpinIt.  SpinIt comes in two flavors, a free and a paid version.  The free version comes with the theme you see above and doesn’t feature any options, while the paid version comes with a half dozen themes as well as plenty of customizable settings.  In the paid version you are able to change things like spin elements that appear when you swipe, the 3D parallax effect that gives the objects a look of depth, changing the constant gradual spinning speed, and even the individual elements, color schemes and time of day changes in lighting.

SpinIt uses the versatile Unity engine to power its back end, giving you the latest in rendering effects and the most efficient performance you’ll likely get out of your device.  As with any live wallpaper there’s likely to be some extra battery drain over a static image, but due to the efficiency of the Unity engine I don’t even see it appearing on my battery stats, meaning the battery drain is minimal at most.  Putting your display on full brightness is a fantastic way to show off the colors and vibrancy of your screen to your friends and family, and really makes your homescreen pop with excitement every time you go back to it.  While it initially seems similar to Samsung’s default wallpaper, you’ll immediately see the difference once it starts moving, and each theme is wholly unique from the others.  Give it a shot in the free version, and if you want to upgrade to pro it’s only $1.08.  Click the Google Play Store link below to get to the free version.