Developers At The FreakTab Community Unveil The Freakbox


From the developers of the FreakTab community comes a new Android based project. If you are not familiar with FreakTab, they are a group dedicated to solving technical problems for  Android Tablets, smartphones, and mini PC's. Some of the developers from the site even improve customs ROMS for popular device. A few of the main contributors to the site felt the need that making improvements and solving issues were not enough, so they started their own project and the end result was the FreakBox.

So what is the FreakBox? Well the Freakbox is an Android powered TV that runs on a Rockchip RK3188 quad core SoC. The Freakbox has a custom version of Android that is supported by the Freaktab team. The specs for the device aren't top notch but the software running the box is what will make you take a second look. Before we get into the software we're going to look over the specs in this custom Android device. To start off we already know that the Freakbox runs on a Rockchip RK3188. The box has 2GB of RAM and 8 to 16GB of native storage. The Freakbox comes equip with an SD card slot so you can bump the storage up to 32GB. Video and Audio output is supported by HDMI. Connectivity to the internet has the option of either Ethernet or dual band wifi. Bluetooth is also included on the box as well and there are 3 USB ports available on the Freakbox with 1 micro USB.


The hardware for the Freakbox isn't as grand as others would be but its the software for the device thats going to turn some heads. The main contributors at FreakTab will provide an Android 4.4 firmware with a customized kernel and system. The software is going to be supported and worked on by the community, giving people the opportunity to give the software their input.

The Freakbox isn't out yet but the main contributors at FreakTab plan to sell the Android TV soon for just $149. If you are interested in putting in purchasing a Freakbox, follow this link to their site. You can also view their facebook page for more info on when pre-orders will become available.

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