Deal: 2 Replacement Samsung Galaxy S5 Batteries (2800mAh) for $24.95

July 27, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Today, Amazon has a nice little deal going on a two-pack of replacement batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S5. You can get this two pack for just $24.95, and you get free shipping too if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You’ll just need the promo code – BECDGXOR – at check out. The Supremacy series is manufactured under strict EU and North American standards. Certified with CE, RoHS, D Mark and FCC. Powered by grade A cells ensuring optimum performance and longevity allowing 500+ charging cycles. Voltage: 3.85V Watt-hour: 11.7Wh. Watch out for counterfeit or generic batteries without proper certifications being sold on line. Galaxy S5 can’t absorb more than 2800mAh. Be cautious to statements suggesting otherwise. Shop safe knowing we offer 24 months warranty and 30 days no questions asked returns on all Volutz products.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement Pack 2X 2800mAh Batteries With NFC + US/UK/EU Compatible USB Wall Charger Charge Your Phone Battery And Spare Battery Simoultanously Extend Your Battery Life 30 Days Money Back Guarantee [24 Months Warranty]