CyanogenMod's Roman Birg Adds Nav Bar Arrow Buttons To The Latest Build Of CM

The best thing about custom ROMs is the nifty little features that developers add into the code to bring users useful functions. Each custom ROM has their niche, like my two favorites, the pie controls and hover feature of Paranoid Android. Another custom ROM and one of the most popular, CyanogenMod, is getting a trusty feature in the latest build that should be a welcomed addition and met with much positive feedback. CM's Roman Birg has stated that he is "finally adding the arrow nav bar keys to CM". It's the little things like this that make custom ROMs like CyanogenMod and others worth while, even if they only work in specific instances.

The arrow keys in the nav bar appear when you open up any text box on your device and the keyboard pops up, and they allow you to manipulate the text cursor so that you can more easily navigate between characters if you need to, like if you miss a letter for example when typing. There is already the option to touch and drag the little pin to move the cursor but it feels quite a bit easier and more accurate to use something like these arrow keys. Having placement down in the nav bar also seems like it might have a more natural feel to it.

Having the arrow key buttons present is definitely a nice feature, but we know that some users may not have the need for them and further more may not even have the nav bar displayed in the first placed. For the users that may not want the arrow buttons appearing, the option is there to turn them off, although they are turned on by default after you install the latest build. If you're a CM user and you wish to access this feature to turn it off you can do so by navigating to the buttons settings menu within the regular settings. Would you find a feature like this useful or do you find it just as easy to use the cursor that is already available in the text box itself? Let us know what you think in the comments if you use Cyanogenmod and if you're already testing the feature out does it make typing any easier if you need to preposition the cursor?

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