Chrome Beta for Android Updated with Material Design Look

Chrome Beta Material Design AH 1

Back at Google I/O, the Android team introduced us to their new design language which they want to use on both Mobile and the web. This is Material Design. Which is a beautifully looking flat interface, which we have already begun to see in the Google Play Store with it’s latest update earlier this week, and a few other apps. Now the Chrome team has moved to Material design, at least with the Chrome Beta version on Android. Which is now available in the Play Store. There’s a bit more in this update other than just material design, here’s the changelog from the Chrome team: “Material Design updates. Simplified sign-in. Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements!”

It’s great to see Material Design making its way into Google apps already. That was one of the main concerns with the new UI when it was announced. Is that all the Google apps are worked on by different teams and not the Android team. So we may never see Material Design on all of Google’s apps. As it did take quite a while for Holo to hit all of their apps. But it looks like they’ve got a better handle on stuff these days. Which is great to see, really.

All of us here at Android Headlines are pretty big fans of Material Design, and it’s something we can’t wait to see in action this fall when it launches with Android L on the Nexus 6. Which Google did say is not going away. So there’s that. We’ll likely see Material Design go to the stable version of Chrome for Android in a month or two. That’s usually how long it takes for beta features to head to the stable version. How many of you are enjoying the Material Design version of Chrome Beta? Let us know in the comments below.