Chrome For Android Update Includes Better Text Rendering On Non-Mobile Optimized Sites

July 16, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Still using Chrome for Android as your default mobile browser? Good, us too. What makes that even sweeter is that Google has just released the latest update to the Chrome for Android app to version 36, bringing with it the usual bug fixes and improvements we can always expect to find inside these Google core app updates, as Google even states that this release has “lots of bug fixes and improvements.” Google has also updated the app to include some security fixes for Omnibox URL spoofing, with credit going to an individual named Kaita Haga, and the other security fix being the “same origin policy bypass”, with credit going to H¥vard Molland from Opera.

Google didn’t just include lots of fixes, improvements and speed performance, they also added the Google Doodles back in to the new tabs page, so that we can stare blankly with awe and excitement at the wonders that people come up with to delight us and Google with their designs. The Doodles are awesome, but they don’t really equate to any sort of user experience impacting functionality, and that’s quite alright. They’re simply there for enjoyment and we’re OK with that. What Google has included in this latest update to Chrome for Android is the ability for non-mobile optimized webpages to render text on that page with better accuracy, which should certainly affect the user experience in a positive way for those who often visit these types of sites.

This is a huge welcomed change as there are plenty of websites out there that aren’t optimized for mobile device browsing, and that can be a pain since many of us are browsing from our phones or tablets most of the time now a days anyway. You may or may not have already received the update but as always these updates take some time, so be patient, have a nice cold glass of milk and relax a little and maybe take a nap. Who knows, by the time you wake up maybe your Chrome for Android update will be waiting for you. If not, have no fear, the update is making its way out to all users as we speak and will continue to do so over the next few days until it’s finished.