Caught Red Handed; Theftie Takes Incognito Selfies Of Smartphone Thieves

Let's face it. People lose their smartphones all the time. It happens, no matter how much we hate to admit it(because it's usually us that's doing to the losing, or maybe someone we're close to)and smartphone theft is just as bad if not worse. What's a person to do when either of those scenarios come up? Well hopefully you would have taken steps to make sure that anything important is backed up just in case, you know.. like a regular backup once or twice a week. On top of that it couldn't hurt to have some security measures in place either. There are tons of apps that can get this job done, with features ranging from device tracking to remote wipe and lock functions. An app called Theftie aims to take a slightly different approach, and help you catch thieves red handed should your device turn up missing.

Theftie is pretty much just like it sounds, an app that can take a picture of the person's face who stole your device. An incognito selfie more or less using your device's front facing camera. Secret selfies of a would be criminal who thrives on stealing smartphones isn't the only feature offering from Theftie, it too like other apps in this category can provide the user with a remote lock functionality just in case you need it.

You'll also see that location tracking services are present, and should you need to grab anything important from your device after it's already gone(because you forgot to a routine backup.. tisk tisk), you can also send sensitive data that you want to keep to your Google Drive account so you don't lose it for good. Having both these features available remotely can come in handy but hopefully you won't have to use them. To round up this completely free security application, should you have a short moment of pure ignorance and misplace your device(hey we all do it, no judgement here)you can manipulate the phone to ring continuously until you find it. This also serves as a great tool to annoy the hell out of thieves if you're certain your device was stolen, which is exactly what I would do personally. Theftie also supports remote device wipe features, just in case. If you're interested in giving Theftie a try you can do so for free, just hit the Play Store link below to grab it and install.

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