Bungie Unleashes Destiny Companion App A Day Before The Beta

Bungie's new massively multiplayer online FPS/RPG title Destiny goes into its much anticipated Beta tomorrow on July 17th, and surprisingly the company has updated their Bungie app for android, now transforming it into the Destiny companion app that can be used for tomorrow's beta and beyond. Bungie had done this once before with the first look alpha of Destiny that they opened up to PS4 players earlier last month, which they announced at E3. Now that the beta is upon us, guardians will want to be sure to stay up to date on all the latest details about the game using the companion app. If you're playing in the beta starting tomorrow, be sure to download the Destiny companion app to enhance your experience while playing.

Much like many games that have released so far this year for consoles and PC, Destiny joins the long line of companion apps that will provide extra details and second screen information to players, or in this case, guardians, along with other cool features like being able to see your character, your characters build setup of items, weapons, and gear etc. which can all be found in the Grimoire section of the app. You'll also be able to view the map of planets, as well as stay on top of your quests and other missions and track your bounties. You can analyze your player stats and compare your grimoire with other guardians to see how you stack up too, just in case you have a competitive side.

There are of course handy links to pre-order the game as of right now since it has yet to release, that will obviously change once the game is out and the app is updated. For those that played in the Alpha, it doesn't look like you're able to use the app to view your previous character from that play session. Upon entering Grimoire I was greeted with a message that my account had never played Destiny. That being said, it appears that the beta is starting gamers off with a clean slate in the guardian department, but once the beta begins tomorrow you'll be able to create a character and then view it in the Destiny app at any time during the beta play session. The app of course is free, so if you'll be playing tomorrow through the weekend, download it and prepare yourselves. See you starside Guardians.

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