The Beautiful Nubia Z7 Teases Us With It's Large Camera


These days, smartphones have excellent cameras that are capable of taking great pictures with awesome quality. While some phones mostly focus on the internal hardware inside, other phones have attention put on both internal and external hardware. Smartphones like ZTE's Nubia Z7 is a prime example of a phone that has been given the equal attention needed to hopefully succeed in the Chinese market. A leak image of the Z7 has surfaced on the internet and shows its large rear camera with LED flash. Written in Chinese at the top of the image is the word "Beautiful," and from the looks of the back plate, the device does reaches standards.

Apparently the same leak was done to the Nubia Z7's predecessor the Nubia X6 which released a few months earlier. The leak, or tease as some may call it is simply a partial image of the back of the device directing all of the attention to the camera itself. Not much is know about the device except for the fact that there is a huge camera with a red ring around it. Not to mention the equally large LED flash that sits off to the left. Some sources in China expect the device to have a 5 inch screen, which is quite the standard size for most displays now a days. The sources also claim that the camera and LED flash will be offset to the left of the device. Whether these claims are true or not, we won't know until further information surfaces. So for now the word beautiful and a large camera are are all we got to show you.


The tease of the Nubia Z7 really makes you wonder what the device looks like overall with specs included. With this device being the next to follow up the X6, features may be similar if not better. Overall, the leak is a big tease and only time will tell us what this device will really look like and actually do. With a large camera like that, it should have great picture taking quality and images should be sharp. Below you can take a look at the tease of the new device. Let us know what you think about the leaked photo, do you think the Nubia Z7 is really beautiful?


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