AT&T's LG G3 Gives Us a Pre-Launch Photoshoot

All four major United States carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, are slated to get the latest, greatest, and most anticipated flagship from LG, the G3, this summer, with many of them beginning the pre-order process in the middle of this month.  We have already seen the couple of different 'branding schemes' and 'labelings' of the front and back of the LG G3 today, but we got a special look at the AT&T variant, along with its packaging and in-box comrades, courtesy of an anonymous submission to TechnoBuffalo.

We see the box, clad in gold in that metal-esque finish and 'grain' that we saw on the international Korean variant earlier this summer.  But this time, we see the branding and included goodies with AT&T's G3, which is almost as fitting a name as the LG G3 after seeing the pictures.  Here's a quick rundown of the photos for those don't have the patience, eyesight, or bandwidth for picture right now, but the pictures will be down at the end of this for those who want to get right to it themselves.

The first picture is of the front of the very classy gold box, with 'G3' on the front, with white text underneath (which will come up in the next photo, so hold on to that).  That's really it.  Just a really, nice, premium, almost metal-looking box.  Good job LG.  Really, great job with the first impression.

Second photo shows us the AT&T logo, the white and blue striped globe, on the side panel of the box.  We also get a glimpse of that white writing under the G3 logo.  The text reads 'Global Mobile Awards 2014', with the smaller text under that beginning with 'Most innovative Manufacturer of the Year', so this was either a sort of 'trophy box' or the show device, also aided by the previously invisible 'Not for Sale' sticker directly under G3 on the front.

The third photo shows us the AT&T campaign screen cover for not texting and driving, as well as a peek-a-boo session with the orange SIM card.  Interestingly, the device is inside a bag, likely how LG intended it to come, but also has the AT&T 'It can wait' screen saver on it inside the bag.  Moving forward...

The fourth photo is interesting because it is from the top, rather than the side or bottom of the box like the previous ones.  It shows us the AT&T-prepared quick start guide (evinced by the orange font for 'Quick Start' that LG would never put with this phone from the factory, as well as something interesting with the box itself.  You will see a piece of paper taped over the top of both the lid and inner part of the box, likely covering various device-personal details for security purposes, and also probably the reason that we aren't graced with the bottom of the box.

Next, we see the included non-papery things.  We get a wall charger, a standard LG-branded USB charging cord, and (for those that feared we in the states would again be gypped by having an implanted, non-removable battery) under the charging cable, the 3000 mAh batter, nicely in its bag.

The phone itself is the focus of the next shot, showing it front and center, and indeed relieving us that the LG logo, not AT&T, is the bottom marking in the metal trim, so the AT&T logo can hide on the back under a case.  We also see clearly the AT&T campaign screen saver, making it obvious which carrier this device is for.

The next and last picture, as spoiled before, is the back where only the AT&T globe and 'G3' reside, making this an interesting looking back, having a very vertical look.  Something else to note is the key setup and markings on the back.  The buttons will have an arrow in each direction, as well as a little power icon on the power button, so that's something to note.  Good to know AT&T didn't plaster its name onto this classy elegant device like Verizon is notorious for (and might yet, going solely off previous coverage of carrier variants *sigh*).

What do you think, is this the phone you wanted to hit U.S. shelves?  I think it maintained its classiness pretty well, especially for being bound for one of the biggest carriers.  Should be interesting to see if any new and other tips, shootouts, or sneak peeks at other carriers' 'variants' coming into the double digit dates of July.  Stay tuned for that coverage which will likely come out, since people love a good hype train.

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