AT&T’s LG G3 Ditches Qi Wireless Charging, Uses PMA Wireless Charging

July 18, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

AT&T’s LG G3 has something that other G3’s do not have, or is that it doesn’t have something other G3’s have? Well the gist of it is that the AT&T LG G3, the D850, does not do Qi wireless charging. Instead they decided to use another wireless charging standard – really wish everyone would stick to just one standard, everyone agree? They choose PMA wireless charging. What this means is that you can charge your LG G3 from AT&T at Starbucks, because they have bought into the PMA wireless charging standard. Which also works with the Duracell Powermats. While it’s not great for most of us, it is something that AT&T is deeply in bed with.

This isn’t the first device from AT&T that doesn’t support Qi and supports PMA. All of the Nokia Lumia devices on AT&T are the same way actually. For those that have used a Nokia Lumia on AT&T, you’ll know all about this. What this means is that your choices for wireless charging your AT&T LG G3 are limited, and you’ll be forced to buy another wireless charger, if you already have a few Qi wireless chargers like I do. Here are some from Amazon.

While it does suck, because most of us have been using Qi wireless chargers for quite some time now – ever since the Nexus 4 came out in 2012. We shouldn’t be surprised. As carriers usually change parts of a phone, especially with LG. Some of you may remember last year Verizon’s LG G2¬†looked completely different from the other G2’s, and had wireless charging. This year, Verizon did change their G3 a bit as well, it’s not all black actually. But additionally, AT&T changed the charging standard in their variant as well.

How many of you picked up the AT&T LG G3? Were you hoping to use your Qi wireless charger with your brand new LG G3? Let us know in the comments below.