Another Samsung Tizen Delay - First Japan, Now Russia

Samsung seems to be having an identity crisis ever since their new flagship, the Galaxy S5, slumped in the sales department - yes, it was still a great seller, but not up to the standards that Samsung claims that they have set for themselves.  Contrary to my colleagues, I am not a Samsung Fanman (too old to be a Fanboy) - but I am a HUGE fan of the Galaxy Note Series of smartphones.  Because of that, I do watch what Samsung does so that I know what to expect on the next Note - and I have to tell you, with Samsung all over the place lately, I am beginning to worry about any innovation on the Galaxy Note 4.

My concern continues with Samsung pursuing their own Tizen OS and the very idea that they could abandon Android - as we have seen these past few months, even Samsung cannot control the smartphone market - buyers must come first, and if you piss off enough of us, we will look elsewhere.  Samsung is getting all of the signals, but seems to be ignoring them, still disputing Aristotle and believing that the Samsung parts are greater than the whole...they are not.  Tizen could have been a great learning experience for them, but they cannot see the forest for the trees (okay, I am done with clich©s) and insist that Tizen will work by shoving it down our throats (whoops, there I go again).

Just last month, J.D. Choi, Samsung's chief on the Tizen project, held up a Tizen run Samsung Z phone and proclaimed that it would go on sale in Russia in the third quarter this year.  It was to be revealed Thursday at a Tizen developers meeting in Moscow, however, just like the much ballyhooed event in Japan earlier this year, it was abruptly cancelled.  Samsung gave little information as to why, but issued a statement that "the smartphone will appear on the Russian market later, when we can offer our users a fullest portfolio of applications." You mean to tell me that Samsung did not know about this problem ahead of time?

Samsung still seems intent of launching the Tizen run 'Z' in the future, and while you certainly want to wait until the software is fully developed and applications are in their App Store, the longer they delay and put off bringing out Tizen, the more any interest in the project will wane.  In the meantime, Android and iOS will keep gaining a foothold and making a switch to Tizen will be even more difficult.  It may be that the U.S. will never even see a Tizen run smartphone - it could be that wearables may be as close as Samsung gets to releasing their Tizen or anywhere.

Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think about Samsung and Tizen - should Samsung stick with Android or would you welcome another always, we would love to hear from you.

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