Android How To: Unroot the LG G3


If you've rooted your LG G3, you may be wondering how to flash it back to stock and unroot the thing. Well if you've used the LG G2 and unrooted that, then this is going to be a piece of cake for you. I have actually already done this method, both flashing .kdz and .tot files. But today we are going to show you with .kdz files and using the LG Flash Tool.

Before we get started, you'll need to download the following items (note: you'll need to be on a Windows machine)


How to Unroot the LG G3

  1. Enter into Download Mode
  2. Open up the LG Flash Tool
  3. Select Type "CDMA"
  4. PhoneMode: "DIAG"
  5. Select your KDZ file
  6. Tap on Normal Flash
  7. Now make sure all your phone's info has populated in the pop up window
  8. Select Start
  9. Hit OK
  10. Wait for it to hit 100% before unplugging. It may take some time.

Voila. You are all set. If you run into any issues, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the drivers. That's usually the cause for the LG Flash Tool not recognizing your device. Otherwise you should be all set. Although if this doesn't work, you'll need to find the .tot file and flash that. Which we'll do a tutorial on that later on this week.