Android How To: Remove Volume and Brightness Sliders on the LG G3

July 30, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

One of the bigger complaints with the LG G2 last year was the fact that the notification shade was full of stuff. There was almost no room for actual notifications. Kinda ironic right? Well with the LG G Flex, LG began to fix that a bit by allowing you to add/remove the brightness and volume sliders. They brought that feature over to the LG G3 as well. And thank God they did. As I never use that volume slider in the notification tray, so it just uses up more room for me. So thankfully we can get rid of it, but how?

How to remove the Volume and Brightness Sliders

  1. Pull down the notification panel
  2. Swipe all the over to the right in the quick toggles til you get to the “EDIT” button
  3. Tap on “EDIT”
  4. Now you should see check marks for the Volume and Brightness sliders at the top, just uncheck the one you don’t want, or both.
  5. Voila.

It’s worth noting that the AT&T variant (D850) doesn’t have this option for whatever reason. There’s no sliders at all enabled, but you can add a Brightness toggle in the quick toggles bar above. And the Sprint version (VS985) only has volume controls with no way to remove it or add a brightness slider, unfortunately. But it should work on all the other versions of the LG G3. I have done it on both the D851 and F400K, the T-Mobile and Korea variants, respectively. It’s really great to have this feature as part of the device now. One of the few things I wanted LG to change in the LG G2, they changed in the LG G3, which I’m grateful for.